The online educational courses provided on this site are provided by Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp. ("DMCC"), a 501c3 nonprofit organization. These courses were developed and written by DMCC Certified Credit Counselors. In order to access the courses, you will need to register and obtain login information.

If you have any questions about any course, you may email us at education@dmcconline.org or call our Education Department at 866-724-3328 during normal business hours. For more information about DMCC and our programs, please visit us at www.dmcconline.org.

Available courses

Deuda, Dinero y Conceptos de Crédito es un curso de estudio que contiene 14 módulos separados. El curso está diseñado para enseñar educación financiera básica que le ayudará a administrar sus finanzas personales y tomar decisiones financieras informadas. El tiempo estimado para completar este curso es de 2 horas. Este curso está disponible para todos los consumidores de forma gratuita.

Se requiere una contraseña de acceso para acceder a este curso. Si usted es un estudiante que ha sido asignado a tomar este curso, debe inscribirse en el curso con la "clave de acceso" recibida por su maestro para recibir crédito.

Si no fueron asignados a tomar este curso, por favor utilice esta clave de acceso: Dmcc3310!

Debt Money & Credit Concepts

Debt, Money & Credit Concepts is a self-study course containing 15 separate modules. The course is designed to teach you basic financial education that will help you manage your personal finances and make informed financial decisions. The estimated time to complete this course is 2 hours. This course is available to all consumers free of charge.

A case sensitive, enrollment key is required to access this course. If you are a student who has been assigned to take this course, you must enroll in the course with the "enrollment key" provided by your teacher to receive credit. 

If you were not assigned to take this course, please use this case sensitive enrollment key: Dmcc3310!


Home Sweet Home is a self-study course containing 10 lessons. It is designed to increase your knowledge and skills in the management of your personal finances, including home ownership and preservation. The total course time is estimated to be 4 hours, with a minimum of 1 hour to complete the basic course requirements. If you have not been pre-registered by DMCC for this course, an enrollment key will be required to access it, which can be obtained by contacting the DMCC Housing Department at 866-724-3328 or housing@dmcconline.org. This course is available to all consumers free of charge.

Debtor Education Course

Pre-Discharge Debtor Education Course is for consumers who have already filed for bankruptcy, but must complete a personal financial management course from an approved provider and receive a Certificate of Debtor Education before their debts can be discharged. DMCC has designed this educational course to meet the requirements of the bankruptcy code and give you knowledge that will help you navigate through your day-to-day financial affairs. You must spend a cumulative total of 2 hours to complete this course. This course requires an enrollment key to access and payment of a fee to DMCC for issuance of the required certificate (click here).